It’s almost been a year since me and my love said ‘I do’ – but seeing it in print makes it feel like yesterday.  Thank you to Cosmo Bride for the gorgeous feature!

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Event planner & Stylist – Hayley from Hayley & Co.
Photography – Paul Tatterson
Flowers – Josie at Sweetpea Weddings

Cosmo Bride – Issue 48, on sale now

Love, life and loss…

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If you follow my Instagram account, you’ll probably already be aware of the ups and downs of my life of late – but I thought it was important to write a blog post to bring myself a sense of closure and comfort as I grieve the loss of my grandmother.

My Vecamami, as I called her, taught me so much about life.  She was humble and gracious, loving and endlessly generous and although I can’t see or talk to her every day, I know a part of her will always be with me.

But for someone who writes every day, it has been heartbreaking to have lost a little of my inspiration recently.  I’m just trying to trust the process and know that soon enough, the inspiration will return.  With some exciting new content in the works for LUXE / HEALTH, I can’t wait to throw my energy back into this project.

But for now…it’s time for a much needed holiday, so me and hubby are off to chase the sunshine.  Have a beautiful week!

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The David Jones Bridal Series…

As many of you already know, I’m currently taking LUXE / HEALTH abroad as I celebrate my wedding and honeymoon.  But as luck would have it, a little project I was lucky enough to be a part of in January was released the day after our wedding.  Since it will be a few weeks before we see any official wedding pics, this was a huge treat to wake up to on my first day as a MRS.  Visit the David Jones YouTube channel for more info and to check out the full David Jones Bridal Series…

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Let’s eat cake…

Wedding cakes 1

While I am the first to admit that I usually shun sugar in favour of clean treats…I must confess I’m a wee bit excited about the prospect of devouring our wedding cake in a couple of weeks!  These days too, there is so much inspiration out there when it comes to cake design, flavour and style that you can really let your imagination run wild.

Let’s just say, I’m more than ready for the cake coma…

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Wedding cakes 2

(Pics via Instagram – The LANE, migalha_doce, 100_layercake, and the bride wore, Cakes By Anna, To The Market)

LUXE / HEALTH on tour…


From the moment my fiancé and I stepped off the plane in Bali two years ago, I was in love.  It’s a melting pot of culture and chaos and no matter where you decide to explore, there’s so much to see and do…even the sticky sweltering heat couldn’t ruin my mood!

So, when we were deciding where to go for our honeymoon, there was no question – we were headed back to Bali!  Now all we need to do is decide which beautiful spot to visit first…

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It’s all in the details…

Bridal Hair

Up or down?  That is the question on my lips at the moment and for many bride-to-be’s the debate about what to do with your hair on your big day can be all consuming.  In all the excitement of getting dressed up to look your best, it’s easy to be swept away by the thousands of different hairstyles you see scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest.

While I’m still torn as to what to do with my own ‘do’…my advice is to keep it simple.  You still want to feel like yourself on your wedding day so pick a style that not only suits your dress and style of wedding, but reflects you and your personal style as well.  At the end of the day, letting your hair down with the one you love will be the memory you cherish above all.

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(Pics via Instagram – and the bride wore, Hope X Page and Karen Willis Holmes)


Love the skin you’re in…

Skin post

If you’re someone who has struggled with problem skin, then you know just how much a breakout can affect your confidence.  I for one, have definitely battled with bouts of bad skin and no matter how old I get, I still feel incredibly self-conscious whenever I have a spotty face.

Knowing just how important it was to me to have clear skin for my wedding, I started prepping early and have found a combination of tips and tricks which will hopefully leave you with picture perfect skin too.  The key is not to get disheartened if you don’t see results overnight – be persistent because I promise, the perfect solution to your skin woes is out there!

  • Clean up your diet – unfortunately the old saying, you are what you eat, could not be more true!  Everything we eat and drink has a direct response in our body and if you’re loading up on refined sugars and processed foods, your body is battling from the get go.  Try to stick to a diet of lean protein, whole grains, fruit and loads of fresh vegetables.  Good fats are also incredibly important for skin health so snack on avocados, raw unsalted nuts and eat oily fish such as salmon regularly.
  • Less is more – these days our cupboards are overflowing with skin cleansers, creams, toners, oils, serums…and yet we wonder why our skin is freaking out!  Although I must admit I’ve always been relatively low key when it comes to my own beauty regime, it wasn’t until I started having regular facials in the lead up to the wedding that my beauty therapist said something that really clicked.  She explained that so many of our beauty products are full of ‘fat’ which, while helping the product to glide onto the skin and absorb, these chemicals also clog our pores and cause breakouts.  Instead, try to look for products that are water based and apart from cleansing your face well twice a day, the only other product you really need is a good moisturiser.   Bin everything else!
  • Stay active – exercise is not only important for a healthy body, it’s vital for good skin too.  Exercise stimulates our body to release toxins and while initially you may experience a breakout as your body rids itself of any rubbish, regular exercise will have the opposite effect and leave your skin glowing.  Staying active will also help to smooth and tone your skin as it improves skin elasticity.
  • Hydrate – while you’ve heard it time and time again, it’s true that staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do for your skin.  Water will not only hydrate your body, it helps to flush out any toxins and keep your skin looking crystal clear.  Aim for 2-3 litres of water each day and limit alcohol and caffeine as much as possible.

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Wedding series…part two

Wedding Series part 2

If you’re a bride-to-be, the next thought that will probably run through your mind after you’ve set the date is – how do I begin to get in the best shape of my life?  In all honesty, it’s never too early to start prepping and it’s about one word – consistency.  Crash diets and strenuous exercise regimes simply won’t work and instead, you’ll likely be left feeling frustrated and exhausted (less than ideal when you want to be glowing!)

The first step is to make sure your nutrition is clean and green.  No matter how much exercise you do, unless your diet is spot on, you’ll struggle to see results.  So, here are my top tips on how to get wedding ready in 12 months:

  • Put down the bottle -for many women, giving up alcohol completely might not be an attainable goal, but if you want to look great on your big day, then limiting alcohol in the lead up is absolutely vital.  Alcohol is incredibly dehydrating which will leave your skin looking grey and lacklustre.  But not only that, the sugar content of alcohol means that even if you’re noshing on lettuce, those liquid calories at wine time will cancel out your clean diet.  If you simply can’t give up altogether, try to limit alcohol to just one day a week and stick to clear spirits with soda water or organic wines.
  • Eat more fat – swap stodgy carbs like white bread and pasta, for good fats (like avocado, olive oil and coconut) and you’ll not only feel more satisfied, you’ll be less bloated and feel lighter as well.  Try to incorporate fat at every meal and instead of snacking on nutrient-devoid snacks like diet coke, crackers or chips…eat fat snacks like homemade avocado guacamole with vegetable sticks or raw unsalted nuts.  Yes, nuts are high in calories but they are also burnt more efficiently by the body than that zero calorie diet fizzy drink you’re sipping.
  • Aim for balance – most importantly, try to be balanced with your diet as cutting out an entire food group such as grains, gluten, sugar or dairy is just not sustainable.  If you’ve got an allergy or intolerance, then by all means, remove the offending food from your diet, but for everyone else, try to eat all your favourite foods in moderation.  When prepping a meal, ask yourself, have you included a good portion of protein, fats and carbohydrates?  Your salad might include chicken breast and spinach, but if you add a few slices of avocado and a half a cup of quinoa, you’ll have yourself a far more nutritionally balanced meal.

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(Pics courtesy of Jasmine Dowling, Alex Knight, Hanalei Reponty and Blacklist Studio)




Summer essentials…

Flat Lay 1 copy.jpg

It’s no secret that I love sunshine…and I mean, loooooove sunshine!  So every chance I get, I’m down at the beach swimming and enjoying all that summer has to offer.  In Sydney we are are pretty spoilt with the weather most of the year round, but nothing compares to that feeling when you open the blinds in the morning and there is blue sky as far as the eye can see.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!

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