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Hi, I’m Ashley Lowe…

I’m a mum, writer, health coach and ocean junkie based in Gymea, Sydney.

While Luxe Health has been around for a while, as my life has evolved over the last few years—it’s been a work in progress and has recently undergone somewhat of an evolution in itself. My passion for health and gut-nourishing food has always been a strong thread in my life… professionally—having worked for many years as a writer and editor for some of Australia’s leading magazines, digital platforms and health and wellness brands… and personally—by experiencing my own health issues and discovering for myself the healing powers of food. But it wasn’t until I studied to become a certified health coach several years ago that my love and understanding for nutrition truly blossomed.

Now, as a mum to my little boy, Ziggy, this passion for health—and in particular gut health—has evolved once more as I have nurtured his journey to solid foods. Given that it’s estimated a child’s microbiome takes around three years to fully develop—I have been dedicated to ensuring he has the best start in life possible. My focus has always been on wholefoods that are nutrient-dense and full of flavour—and while it’s certainly been a journey dealing with a fussy baby (who will no doubt test my patience as a fussy toddler!), it’s also been a pleasure to witness his delight as he explores new foods, flavours and textures.

While I now work predominantly as a writer, I also take on private nutrition clients by request—so please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to hear about how I can help you.

Hopefully Luxe Health can continue to inspire you to experiment in the kitchen and discover how food can truly transform your health, beauty and wellbeing!