How to transform your week, on a Sunday…

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If you speak to my nearest and dearest, you’ll already know I’m dedicated to what my husband calls ‘the Sunday sulk’ – which surfaces without welcome (and without fail) every Sunday afternoon.  But, over time, I’ve managed to combat any feelings of Monday morning dread by focussing on productivity, rather than negativity.  If you want to streamline your Sunday and transform your whole week in the process, here’s how to hit the ground running…

  • Devote some time to gratitude – you may already have an established daily gratitude practise in motion, but if not, setting aside some time on a Sunday for reflection can completely transform your mindset.  To begin, simply grab a piece of paper and a pencil and write down three things you are feeling grateful for in that moment.  And don’t overthink it!  No matter how simple the thought, feeling grateful will instantly help any negativity to melt away.
  • Plan your weekly workouts – one thing I like to do on a Sunday to get myself organised (besides meal prep) is to sit down with my weekly calendar and book in my workouts.  By locking in the sessions I want to commit to for the week ahead, I feel like my head is already in the game and I’m less likely to find a last minute excuse to ditch them.
  • Tick off some life admin – part of the reason so many of us dread Mondays is that we feel the weekend always goes by far too quickly without any time to tick off those niggling tasks on our to-do lists.  So, to combat this, aim to tick off at least one of those mundane tasks you’ve been putting off.  It could be taking that bag of secondhand clothes to the charity bin, cleaning the shower or sorting out your hard-drives – big or small, the sense of accomplishment that follows will set in motion a week of productivity.
  • Get inspired – whether there’s a book you’ve been wanting to get stuck into, a blog post you’ve been meaning to read, or a course you’ve wanted to look into, spend a little of your Sunday doing some self-care homework to get you inspired.  Just challenging your mind to think creatively and spending some time looking at how you can broaden your horizons beyond the mundane 9-5 can set you up or a calmer, clearer Monday.

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