Why fruit isn’t a dirty word…

Fruit .JPG

When did fruit become a dirty word?  I don’t know about you, but it seems that somewhere between smashed avo and bone broth, the practise of ‘healthy eating’ pushed fruit into the pile of foods to cut out or restrict because of its’ sugar content.

As someone who has always tried to embrace the concept of balance over deprivation when it comes to nutrition, the fact that so many women are asking me about fruit or telling me that they’ve ditched it altogether is worrying.  Yes, fruit contains sugar (a combination of glucose and fructose), but the tsunami of ‘anti-sugar’ information we’re presented with on a daily basis has cast fruit in a particularly bad light with some popping it in the same category as processed foods and refined sugars.

So, what’s the deal then?  While it’s true that glucose and fructose are metabolised differently by the body and too much of the latter can place extra strain on our detox systems, you’d have to consume a bucketload of fruit in order to reach those kinds of levels.  The truth is, fruit contains an abundance of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which our bodies miss out on if we nix it altogether.

While every body is different and the evidence for bio-individuality grows stronger every day, I encourage you to lose the fear surrounding fruit and enjoy it as part of a balanced diet.  It truly is nature’s perfectly packaged fast food and as they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away…

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