Is your weekend making you ‘fat’?

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If you often jump on the scales on a Monday morning and wonder why the numbers just won’t budge, it may all be down to how you’re spending your weekends. Here’s a few habits you might be guilty of…

  • Sleeping in – unfortunately, no matter how tired you think you feel from a long week at work, it’s a myth that you can simply ‘catch-up’ on sleep during the weekend. In fact, those extra hours in bed will only leave your metabolism feeling sluggish and come Monday morning, you’re likely to feel even sleepier. While you don’t have to bound out of bed at 5:30am on Saturday like you do Monday to Friday, try to wake within 30-60 minutes of your usual schedule and fuel up with a nutritious brekkie soon after to help you feel more alert.
  • #SUNDAYBRUNCH – everyone loves a foodie Instagram snap and while Sunday brunch might be the highlight of your weekend, in reality, big café brekkie’s are often laden with extra calories. To avoid derailing your diet on your brunch outing, try to be mindful of your food choices. Avoid pancakes, Turkish toast and chunky slices of banana bread and instead, opt for natural muesli, fresh vegetables juices and eggs with mushrooms, avocado and spinach.
  • Alcohol – I’m not suggesting you ditch the booze forever, but it’s important to acknowledge that if you have a weight loss goal in mind, all your hard work can be undone with a single bottle of wine. If it’s feasible, try to have a few alcohol-free weekends when you can, but if you must drink, skip the sugary cocktails and opt for vodka with fresh lime and soda or a couple of glasses of tasty red wine.

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