How to…stop hating Mondays

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As humans, we can’t be blamed for that small twinge of anxiety that comes as Sunday draws to a close – especially if you’ve just enjoyed a fabulous weekend.  But Mondays don’t have to be the source of dread and panic, it’s all about learning to make the most of your weekend and balancing relaxation with productivity.  I’m defintely guilty of  trying to jam too much into my weekend, feeling that my downtime should be better spent getting life admin ticked off.  But sometimes it’s just as important (if not more so), to chill out and just do nothing.

To make Monday a little less stressful, there are a few things you can do on a Sunday to streamline your week and whether you have half an hour or three hours to dedicate to your Monday ‘prep-time’, you’ll feel a lot more cool, calm and collected and ready to take on the week if you can get yourself organised.

  • Do your groceries and plan your meals – it may be geeky and oh so unexciting, but trust me, if you write yourself a grocery list and plan your meals for the week, you’ll feel like you have ticked major goals.  Plus, by doing your groceries in the weekend, you’ll miss that mad dash to the supermarket after work where you stare blankly at the meat aisle, picking up whatever dregs are left for yet another boring stir-fry.  One of the best bits about meal planning too is that you can plan dishes which give you a good dose of leftovers, aka lunch the next day.  Win, win!
  • Plan your outfits – we put so much thought into what we eat, but when it comes to our wardrobes, we forget how stressful it can be deciding what to wear.  There is literally nothing worse than staring into your closet on a Monday morning, running late and having no inspiration as to what to put on.  So, to be more prepared, look at your diary for the week ahead and note if there are any work commitments or social engagements which require you to put a little more effort into your look and plan your outfits accordingly.  Then (and most importantly) make sure all your favourites are clean, pressed and ready to go!
  • Declutter – with more and more research suggesting that decluttering is a wonder drug for both our physical and mental health, a simple way to get your thoughts in order is to have a quick declutter session on a Sunday.  Don’t go mad and decide to completely rearrange your apartment, but pick something small like the pantry or a cupboard in your bathroom and clean, toss and tidy.  The simple act of decluttering your own space literally lightens your mental load, giving you a clear head – just what you need on a Monday morning!

Give it a go, but if all else fails, pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up.  There’s always next weekend…

x A

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