To market, to market…


On a cold and wet Saturday morning, the last thing you probably feel like doing is trudging to your local farmers’ market with a canvas bag slung over your arm.  But trust me, there are so many reasons why you should shop at your local market and none of them have anything to do with being a hipster…

  • Affordability – one of the most common misconceptions about shopping at farmers’ markets is that they are super expensive due to the organic produce on offer.  But in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth!  While organic produce is undoubtedly pricier than regular fruit and veg at your local supermarket, at the market, usually the opposite is true.  Recently, I managed to snap up a cauliflower for less than $3!  With most cauli’s costing at least $5-6 each these days, it’s fair to say I was chuffed with my find.
  • Seasonal produce – in supermarkets you’ll find that most fruit and vegetable varietites are available all year round because out of season produce is shipped internationally to feed us in the off season.  Not exactly what I’d call fresh.  At your local farmers’ market however, you’ll find that the only produce on offer is that which is in season, grown locally and transported straight from the farm to your plate – often on the same day!
  • Healthier – simply put, local produce is healthier as local farmers don’t use the same pesticides and chemicals that large scale commercial farms do.  Sure, your tomatoes might not be perfectly round or your apples might have a bruise here or there, but you also won’t be ingesting harmful chemicals.  Plus, because the produce is grown in healthy, chemical-free soil, the taste will be far richer than anything you’ll find at your supermarket.
  • Sense of community – the truth is, supporting local farmers is vital in ensuring that local businesses continue to thrive.  The price of organic produce would also come down across the board if more people turned their back on commercial supermarkets and shopped from their local market.

If you still need convincing however, then just remember, your local farmers’ market will also likely have a kick-ass coffee stand for you to check out!

x A

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