Should you meditate?

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I must admit, I’m not someone who meditates daily…but I’d definitely like to be.  For a while there, I was dedicated, carving out 20 minutes regularly to sit alone with my thoughts and in all honesty, it made a huge difference.  I felt calm, focussed and more level headed.  But inevitably, life got in the way (as it does) and slowly my meditation practice fell by the wayside.  Now though, I feel it’s something I’m being drawn to again so I’ve set myself an intention to get back into it…watch this space!

If you’re someone who can relate – then here are a few reasons you might want to give meditation a try:

  • Stress relief – not only has meditation been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, it has also been linked to lower incidences of depression and anxiety.
  • Self awareness – by sitting still for a few minutes a day in meditation, we are forcing ourselves to become more self aware.  Sure, at first, your mind might be racing with a million little thoughts, but the more you meditate the more self aware you become, acknowledging your innermost thoughts, feelings and desires.
  • Promotes mindfulness – essentially, mindfulness is the practice of being present.  Meditation teaches us to become more mindful by focussing our breath, focussing our thoughts and becoming more aware of the present moment, rather than worrying about what has happened in the past or what may (or may not) happen in the future.
  • Boosts creativity – meditating can also do wonders for our creativity by helping us to achieve clarity of thought and reach levels of our subconscious we may not have tapped into otherwise.  Cue, inspiration!
  • Promotes sleep – ask anyone who suffers from sleep deprivation and they will probably say that they are kept awake because they can’t stop their mind from racing.  Meditation however, can help to quieten your mind and in the process, promote deep, restful sleep.  If you are really struggling to focus, try listening to a guided meditation which will assist in drowning out that pesky inner voice.

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