ANZAC biscuits…

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While the long weekend might be coming to an end, there’s still time to whip up these delicious (and nutritious!) ANZAC biscuits.  Made with oats and almonds, they pack a crunch but the best bit is they’re completely guilt free…just maybe take yours out of the oven 2 minutes before this batch unless you’re like me and enjoy the edges super crispy!!

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(Makes 16)


1 1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup raw almonds, roughly chopped
2 tbsp. coconut oil
2 tbsp. rice malt syrup
1 tsp. vanilla bean powder (Loving Earth does a delicious one!)
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/8 cup water


  • In a food processor, mix the oats, coconut and almonds.  Then add your melted coconut oil, rice malt syrup, vanilla powder, cinnamon and water.
  • Process until it forms a sticky dough.
  • Preheat your oven to 160 C, then on a baking paper lined tray, spoon large teaspoon sized balls of dough, leaving enough space in between for the biscuit to expand during cooking.
  • Press down gently to flatten a little and pop in the oven for around 15 minutes until golden brown and toasty.  You want them to be a little chewy in the middle so watch them carefully!

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