LUXE / HEALTH Chicken and Broccolini Zoodles…

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I love being in the kitchen, but some days I get home from work and stare into the fridge with little to no inspiration as to what for cook for dinner.  On days like that, this recipe is a godsend as it’s super quick to rustle up, it’s incredibly comforting and yet you’re not compromising on health as it serves up a huge dose of protein and greens.  Aaaand…it’s pretty as a picture too!

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LUXE / HEALTH Chicken and Broccolini Zoodles
(Serves 2)


1 large chicken breast, sliced into strips
1 bunch broccolini, each stem trimmed into thirds
4 small zucchini, spiralised
Handful of cherry tomatoes, halved
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 red chilli, finely diced
1 small handful slivered almonds, toasted
Zest and juice of one lemon
Freshly grated parmesan, to serve
Olive oil
Salt and pepper


  • In a wok or large frypan, heat a little olive oil and stir fry the chilli, crushed garlic and chicken strips until the chicken is cooked through.  Set aside in a small bowl.
  • Steam the broccolini in a little water in the microwave for 2-3 minutes until cooked through, but still crunchy.  Drain well and set aside.
  • Toast the slivered almonds in a dry saucepan for a few minutes until golden brown.  They will smell delicious!
  • Add a little more oil to your pan, then stir fry the zucchini noodles until they are heated through.
  • Toss through the lemon zest, then add the chicken, broccolini and cherry tomatoes to the pan and heat through.
  • Squeeze over the fresh lemon juice and toss well.  The cherry tomatoes will wilt nicely as they begin to cook through, adding moisture to the dish.
  • Once the zucchini noodles have softened a little, they’re ready!
  • Tip into two bowls then sprinkle over the toasted almonds and serve with a generous crack of salt and pepper and freshly grated parmesan.

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