LUXE / HEALTH sprint circuit…

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People tend to shy away from sprint training thinking that its’ benefits are reserved for runners or professional athletes.  But in reality, sprints (and hill sprints in particular), are a great way to burn fat from all over your body.  Not only that, but sprint training improves your aerobic fitness far quicker than if you were to just go for a leisurely jog.

When I’m short on time or feeling uninspired, I can always find the energy to bust out a quick sprint circuit.  So, here’s how to recreate my workout for yourself…

  • Firstly, it’s vital to warm up properly, especially if you’re not a regular runner (for beginners, I’d start by running on the flat before progressing to an incline).  So to begin, go for a gentle 5-10 minute jog to make sure your legs are warmed up properly.
  • Secondly, do some dynamic stretches – walking lunges, leg swings (forward and back as well as lateral) and stretch your calves thoroughly by dropping your heel off the side of the curb.

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  • Mark out 3 distances – 25m, 50m and 75m (the distances don’t have to be precise and if you find a quiet street, just use intersections or trees as your markers to make it easier)
  • Once you’ve warmed up – sprint to the 75m mark as fast as you can, then slowly walk back down the hill to the starting position.  This is your recovery, so take your time.  Then, repeat once more.
  • Sprint to the 50m mark and again, walk slowly back to the starting position.  Repeat two more times.
  • Finally, sprint to the 25m mark and return slowly to the starting position.  Repeat five times.
  • And that’s it – you’re done!  Super simple and done and dusted in 25 minutes.

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