Pressing reset…

Daily grind

After an indulgent Christmas and New Year, most of us can relate to feeling a little ‘sloth-like’ as we try to get back into some sort of routine.  So, if you’re heading back to work this week and looking to press reset on your health, here are a few tips to get your nutrition in check…

  • Don’t make drastic changes – the worst thing you can do when embarking on a new health kick is to cut out multiple food groups from your diet and begin a strenuous exercise regime simultaneously.  If you’ve just spent the last two weeks relaxing, taking a break from the gym and indulging in foods you ordinarily wouldn’t, your body will feel stressed and freak out if all of a sudden you decide to do the complete opposite.  Instead, adopt one healthy habit at a time and ease yourself into it.  For example, this week that could mean starting your day with a green smoothie for breakfast.  If, and only if, you can stick to that for a week, then add another healthy habit the week after.  Remember, small steady changes now will equal big results later.
  • Hydrate – too many bubbles over Christmas has probably left you with a lingering hangover.  Alcohol is incredibly dehydrating, not to mention laced with sugar, so put down the wine and aim for a few sober weeks ahead.  Again, you don’t have to be crazy about it and commit to ‘Dry Jan’ or ‘Feb Fast’, but try to limit drinking to one or two days a week only and always drink in moderation.  The rest of the time, drink water…lots and lots of water.
  • Stick to a schedule – if, like me, you’re guilty of eating whenever the mood strikes you over the holidays, you could probably benefit from sticking to an eating schedule.  Over the holiday period, there are often so many social events that it’s easy to overeat, over-indulge or skip meals entirely.  But now that you’re back to the daily grind of the working week, try to stick to mealtimes – breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Make sure too that if you are exercising, you’re eating a protein rich meal within 60 minutes of your workout to reap the rewards of that afterburn!

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